Goals for 2022 to Keep You Healthy

Aiming for a Covid-Free Environment

We’ve weathered the pandemic long enough now to hatch a list of practical goals to help keep you and your family as safe as possible. Social distancing, masks, and friends and family bubbles add mean more balls to juggle and disinfect to stay healthy as we launch into 2022. Fortunately, transformative vaccines have rolled out, and top scientists have developed a product that offers protection from Covid with astounding efficacy.

Enter Avrika Life an innovative disinfectant and the world’s first and only total killer of COVID-19. A solution of enveloped, unique particles that can apply to surfaces and clothing means Avrika’s new medical breakthrough is the end of the SARS-CoV-2.

It’s time to continue doing everything we can to stop the spread and stay healthy. Avrika Life kills 99.99% of COVID-19 and remains on surfaces and clothing for weeks after application.

This makes it easy to set 4 Covid Prevention Goals for 2022:

  • Encourage everyone in your social bubble to use Avrika in their home and car, and small gatherings will be that much safer
  • Wipe down seats and poles on public transit to minimize the chance of picking up an unwanted passenger
  • Wipe down your phone, keys, and wallet after dining out to kill any germs on tables and counters
  • Disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and other often-touched surfaces at home. Be your own frontline defense against the virus.

This is innovation in the service of bringing communities together again and offers a chance to lead the charge in the home cleaning with a first-to-market solution. The way it works is potently elegant. Avrika Life is made up of particles of unique ions with a protective coating around it. Over time, the coating degrades, and the ions that attack and destroy COVID-19 release.

Making the Long Haul for Health

The unique science behind Avrika Life makes it a vehicle for Covid protection built to go the distance. It continuously kills the virus at 99.99% for a minimum of 30 days, thereby creating an incredible barrier of protection in any public or community setting.

It’s been verified to kill the virus within one second at a 99.9% efficacy rate on a broad range of surface types, including plastic with a 99% percent reduction of virus for 24 hours and stainless steel with an 85.6% reduction of the virus after 30 seconds.

The versatility of Avrika Life makes it truly unique, with its innovative composition creating lasting adherence across surfaces like cardboard, wood, stainless steel, plastics, rubber, and textiles. The solution successfully kills the virus in immediate contact on porous and nonporous surfaces and materials within almost every surface substrate.

The longevity of the application creates a cost-benefit of massive proportions for home cleaning, with a single application remaining effective after 30+ washes.

Avrika’s disinfecting power not only clears the way for a healthier you, but its unique potency can also save billions of dollars by encouraging a return to a significantly more normal world-ensuring safety in almost every public or community setting.

Despite its remarkable harm, the COVID-19 pandemic does have its silver lining: the opportunity to take advantage of a moment that most of us will never see again. How can this moment be used to transform the way you keep yourself and your family healthy?