Checklist: Clinic Room Items That Require Disinfection

If you work in health care, your world has probably been turned inside out by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only have you and your coworkers spent countless hours trying to wipe the SARS-CoV-2 virus into oblivion, but the cost of cleaning supplies has skyrocketed.

Thankfully, the best disinfecting product on the market has arrived!

Finally, you can stop waging the constant battle against microorganisms as they evolve at the speed of light. Instead of vigorously disinfecting after every patient, using countless wipes, sprays, and towels, Avrika offers a superior choice that will drastically save you time and money.

What Makes Avrika Disinfection Products Different?

Good question – we’re glad you asked!

Avrika products have been uniquely chemically formulated to rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 era – unlike every other cleaning formula in the world.

Scientists and researchers at Avrika Life realized that pre-pandemic solutions were not up for the task of proper disinfection in our new age of health and safety challenges. So, they put their lab goggles on and got to work, researching and testing to develop a disinfection solution that could annihilate our modern-day microbes.

Their valiant efforts prevailed.

Our new flagship Avrika product kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus with 99.9999% efficacy and stays in place, continuously killing the virus for 30 consecutive days. in many cases, as long as 90-120 days with just one single application.

Even with its viral and bacterial killing powers, it is completely benign for human use and contact, making it the perfect solution to your clinic room cleaning woes.

Read on to learn more about how to keep a clinic room disinfected and how Avrika products can help.

How to Keep a Clinic Room Clean

Even as the battle against COVID-19 begins to look more winnable, many of us are left wondering if vaccines alone will be enough in the fight against this virus – or the other new viruses that are sure to emerge in the future. We need disinfectant solutions that can help us stay ahead of the curve because killing viruses on the spot could be an even more significant public health measure than mass vaccinations.

When it comes to cleaning clinic rooms, we all have blind spots. To make sure that you and your staff members are staying on top of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – eliminating its spread, and vanquishing it entirely–a clinic room cleaning checklist is critical. Checklists are ideal for busy professionals who need a way to stay organized, keep tasks simple, and stay on track.

What General Room Items Require Disinfection?

Many of us know the general principles of room disinfection, whether it’s a clinic room or a common area. We know universal items should be cleaned – like any points of frequent contact by a room user, such as a doorknob, a coat hook, a public phone, or a light switch.

We also know that, in general, we should start with the most visibly clean areas of a room first, moving to the dirtiest places last. We know we should work from top to bottom to partner with gravity and minimize recontamination from particles that fall to the floor. We know we should sweep or clean the floors last and empty the trashcans frequently.

However, clinic rooms require even more attention to detail than general rooms. Does your cleaning crew really know how to deeply clean a clinic room properly, especially in the age of the SARS-CoV-2 virus? You might want to make sure they are following concrete clinic room item disinfection guidelines.

Guidelines for Cleaning Clinic Rooms

For clinic rooms, there are a host of unique items that require disinfection. This is because clinic rooms, in particular, have a higher risk of harboring pesky pathogens.

Some items in a clinic room are more notorious than others when it comes to being breeding grounds for microbes because they are frequently touched. For example, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is one of the leading authorities when it comes to guidelines for disinfecting exam room surfaces, classifies bed rails as “high-touch” surfaces, meaning those that necessitate more frequent cleaning.

The following clinic room items are considered by the CDC to be high-touch surfaces and should be disinfected more frequently:

  • Bed frames
  • Transportable lamps
  • Bedside tables
  • Handles
  • IV poles
  • Blood pressure cuffs

You can learn more about guidelines for disinfecting medical exam rooms by visiting the CDC’s infection control site.

Medical staff with stethoscope questioning sick senior man

For clinic rooms, there are a host of unique items that require disinfection. This is because clinic rooms, in particular, have a higher risk of harboring pesky pathogens.

Clinic Room Items Checklist That Requires Disinfection

So what exactly needs to be disinfected in a clinic room? It can be intimidating to keep clinic rooms clean. Help your cleaning crew out by using the following medical office exam room cleaning checklist.


  • Visibly Inspect Room and Walls for Obvious Spot Cleaning
  • Clinic Room Door Handles and Light Switches
  • Clinic Room Sink and Faucet
  • Clinic Room Bed Including Bed Rails (Change Paper Lining)
  • Bedside Tables
  • Step Stools
  • Clinic Room Chair Bodies and Chair Arms
  • Receptacles (trash or soiled linen)
  • Moveable Lamps
  • Procedure Tables or Mayo Stands
  • IV poles
  • Clinic Room Cabinet Drawers
  • Clinic Room Countertops
  • Computer Keyboards and Mouse
  • Clinic Room Equipment: Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Ultrasound Machine Including Probes
  • Hand Sanitizing Dispensers
  • Procedural Equipment (Scissors, forceps) Before Sterile Processing

What Makes Clinic Rooms Different?

You might be wondering what makes clinic rooms different from other rooms. To keep clinic rooms safe, disinfectant solutions must meet certain standards. In fact, for 30 years, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has upheld a standard that cleaning agents must be considered “tuberculocidal” (able to kill tuberculosis) to clean the riskiest types of clinic room areas such as those that have been exposed to blood.

For those of us who are beholden to OSHA, Avrika products, the new frontier in disinfecting technologies, can provide a simple and single solution. Avrika products are highly effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and all variants. They are also excellent at killing anthrax, malaria, and up to 220 other pathogens known to man!

Why Using Your Current “Strong” Cleaning Agent Might Not Be Enough

If cleaning clinic rooms were as simple as following the above checklist, you might be able to say that the traditional room cleaning process is relatively simple and straightforward. But that’s not the way life works, is it? The disinfection process is tricky because cleaning agents must be tough enough to kill bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. However, they must also be safe enough to be used by humans.

The importance of the safety of a disinfectant solution cannot be understated. Imagine covering all of the high-touch surfaces of your clinic room with a powerful germ-busting agent only to discover that whenever a human touched it, it had a similarly destructive and toxic effect. Some cleaning agents are so toxic that OSHA has issued limits on how much exposure a person can have to them during a workweek.

Let’s stop and think for a moment. Are these disinfecting agents really the ones that you want to be providing to your staff members?

Now visualize a formulation that is non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining, food-safe, and safe for contact with human skin.

Avrika disinfectant wipes are not only safe for humans but also have anti-inflammatory properties. They can kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus with 99.9999% reliability and leave your precious hands completely unscathed.

An Environmentally-Friendly Way to Complete A Disinfection Checklist

Even if they pass the human safety test, all cleaning agents require constant reapplication (read: dozens of times, daily!) to keep clinic room users safe.

Once they are applied, they quickly evaporate, leaving surfaces unprotected once again.

Their protection evaporates once their product dries.

They offer zero protection once dried.

Hence, the reason why they must be used constantly, in between every patient.

The reality of this high-volume disinfection process is that most of today’s commercially available wipes will eventually wind up in a landfill, causing environmental harm!

This is especially true when you think about the sheer volume of wipes required to complete the above clinic room disinfection checklist. There are just so many places within a clinic room that need to be cleaned!

Imagine garbage bags upon garbage bags full of used wipes at the end of every clinic day, disposed of in dumpsters, which are then driven to a waste disposal facility. These wipes will sit in these bags and barely degrade over many human lifetimes, all because us germ-laden humans couldn’t find a better, more environmentally-conscious way to clean our clinic rooms.

Today, there is a better wipe.

Avrika disinfecting wipes obliterate the competition when it comes to keeping clinic rooms clean while generating a low amount of waste.

A SINGLE application of an Avrika disinfecting wipe will continue killing bacteria and viruses on a surface for a minimum of 30 days (and up to 90 days!)—at 99.9 %.

This means that only one Avrika wipe will effectively replace the work of 18,276 alternative wipes.

Fewer wipes = less landfill waste.

How To Complete Your Disinfection Checklist in a Time-Efficient Manner

Disinfecting after every patient can rob your health system of valuable clinic hours, effectively robbing patients and providers alike of their most valuable asset, which is time. To save time and boost your efficiency (which can positively affect your bottom line), it’s important to choose a cleaning method that allows you to run through your cleaning checklist efficiently.

Unfortunately, most disinfectants on the market have to be used in between patients. What’s more, many require a “drying time” after their application, which can range anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Those time intervals in which a solution is simply drying and a room is sitting empty and unused can add up quickly. By the end of the day, your clinic room may have hours of unused, unproductive time simply due to the disinfectant you have in stock.

Because Avrika solutions stay on surfaces for 30 to 90 days without needing reapplication, choosing Avrika can dramatically reduce your clinic’s time inefficiency by removing the frequency of physical cleaning as well as dry times.

How Can a Disinfection Checklist Using Avrika Products Save Money?

Let’s review: Using Avrika products can help you kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the spot and continue safely killing it for at least a month without reapplication, saving you precious time while also sparing the environment.

Outside of efficacy, safety profiles, environmental conscientiousness, and efficiency, what other product attributes can significantly affect your organization? Let’s talk cost. Up to -73% less cost than every single other brand.

By completing a clinic room item disinfection checklist with an Avrika wipe, you can tremendously improve your finances as opposed to a competitor’s wipe. In the COVID-19 era, when most businesses have taken an absolute nose dive, this is critical. Avrika products are up to 75 times more cost-effective when compared to the competition. With Avrika products, you can stop wasting your hard-earned money and stop letting the SARS-CoV-2 virus impact your bottom line.

Which Cleaning Agent is Best to Disinfect Exam Room Surfaces?

Avrika products are head and shoulders above the competition. Avrika products can help you meet clinic room disinfection guidelines, save money, save time, keep your employees and patients healthy, and reduce environmental waste.

Avrika products have the highest performance of any disinfectants across the globe.

They are the single most incredible barrier protections on the market, and no other product will protect our communities in the fight against COVID-19 along with vaccines.

Don’t waste another minute using a mainstream disinfectant—they are simply outdated. Traditional disinfectants can kill viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but they quickly dry up, leaving surfaces unprotected again. This results in frequent recleaning and disinfecting between every patient to properly complete a clinic room disinfection checklist. Bundles of time and bundles of money are wasted when you use mainstream disinfectants.

With Avrika products, you can stop the wasteful cycle once and for all. If you have been searching for a way out of the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, so your practice focuses more on patient care, visit today.